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Athlete of the Week June 20-26: Charlene Morrow


Athlete of the Week June 20-26: Charlene Morrow

1. I actually got started with Crossfit by putting in a fifty cent raffle ticket for a free month. I only bought a few tickets and put one in each bag of the prizes I thought I could use and I won a month at the gym.
I started shortly after and haven’t looked back.

2. I like a lot of things about Crossfit. The coaches, the people, the challenge, and the WODS. The coaches are always there to guide and push you through a workout. The community of people are the best around. This is very different from other gyms that I have been to in the past. I I truly enjoy the time we spend together at the gym and at social events. While I may not be the strongest or fastest person at the gym I do challenge myself each day. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. Group WODS are always fun. I enjoy the people I see at the different class times and working out together. Partner WODS are a personal favorite. It always nice to have a partner as we are always willing to encourage and support each other through to the end.

3. My fitness goal would be to continue making the workout a priority in my day. I believe this keeps not only my body healthier but my mind as well.

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