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Athlete of the Week May 2-8: Maria Emerson


Athlete of the Week May 2-8: Maria Emerson



1. What is an interesting/fun fact about yourself?
I love music and have been singing for as long as I can remember. I have gotten back into songwriting and if I could collaborate with anyone musically, it would be Andrew McMahon.

2. What do you like the most about CrossFit Dover?
CrossFit Dover is a diverse community and that is what makes it so awesome. We work hard, play hard, and motivate each other to step outside of our comfort zones.

3. Name one fitness goal you have.
I want to work on my upper body strength and get to a point where I can complete a majority of the workouts as prescribed.

Maria with her husband, James

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  1. Brooke Dobbins


    Not many people get to see you in action because you are a faithful 5:00 a.m.-er, but I can vouch for you. You work super hard, and it’s so awesome to see your gains in the gym!! Keep it up.


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