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Athlete of the Week May 30 – June 5: Laura Wisler


Athlete of the Week May 30 – June 5: Laura Wisler

1. An interesting fact about me is that growing up I was by far the sloppiest and most unorganized person in my family. I am not exactly sure when that changed, but now I love to clean and am happiest when I am organizing.

2. This was a difficult question for me because there are so many things that I love about CFD that it was hard to pick just one. Top three would be: (1) The friends that I have made. Though I have only known people for a short amount of time, I know that I could easily call on them and have the help or shoulder I needed. (2) The environment is always positive and pushes me to be better. The encouragement from my peers and coaches gets me through the toughest of workouts. (3) It sets the tone for my day. I am a loyal 6am’er and know that once I get through my workout I have already conquered the hardest part of my day (hopefully). I love that CFD helps me take care of my body and my mind all at the same time.

3.CFD has already helped me to achieve so many fitness goals, but the next one on my list that I would like to cross of would be to improve my self-confidence in my workouts. Sometimes I feel like I sell myself short with the weights that I pick and I need to address that.

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  1. Brooke Dobbins

    Thank you for being such a positive force within our community! I love watching you push yourself and encourage your fellow athletes.

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