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Athlete of the Week March 13-19: Maggie Pletta


Athlete of the Week March 13-19: Maggie Pletta

1) Name an interesting or fun fact about you.

I am a huge fan of fun facts so I couldn’t choose just one so I picked three.  One, I was bitten by a squid before and it was awesome.  Two, I have a dog name Congo who is a breed known as a “Dixie dingo” or a Carolina Dog.  Three, I became an aunt for the first time this December.

2) What do you like the most about CrossFit Dover?

What I like most is that even though I am not as fit or as strong as everyone else yet, I have never felt like I didn’t belong or that me being there and slowing things down was an issue. Ever single coach and fellow member has been inviting and supportive pushing me to do things I didn’t think I could.

3) Name a fitness goal.

I want to climb the rope, consistently be able to do box jumps without panicking I am going to trip halfway through, and do an unassisted handstand/walk on my hands.

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