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Athlete of the Week November 27 – December 3: Laura Fevrin


Athlete of the Week November 27 – December 3: Laura Fevrin

1.  What is an interesting/fun fact about you?  Well, I am a former teacher that still has a heart for young people.  Although my full time profession is outside of Education, I still love to teach (at my local church) and mentor kids.  I love their energy about life and they make me so happy to be around them.  Also, I love, love, love cheeseburgers…  If you show me the best spot, you have an instant friend.  Lastly, I dislike the entire process of looking for and buying shoes.  If I could buy one pair and wear them every day of my life, I definitely would.

2.  What do you like the most about CrossFit Dover?  The coaches, community and variety of the workouts are my favorite things about CrossFit Dover.  I have belonged to many gyms but I have never gotten results like I have here.  I was always the person that was dedicated for a few months, hit a goal, got bored and slowly went back to my old habits. Here, I don’t get bored.  I love the variety of the WOD’s and having the coaches and community who push me through even the most challenging days.  I came to CrossFit Dover almost 1 year ago because I needed to get back into shape.  I had stopped exercising completely and my eating habits were terrible.  Since, I have been here I have gotten in the best shape in my life, completely changed my eating habits (only an occasional cheeseburger.. lol), and increased my mental toughness.  The experience has been completely amazing.

3.  Name one fitness goal you have.  I have a lot of fitness goals.  However, my main goal is perfecting my tall girl gymnastics skills (specifically handstands/pushups and kipping/strict pullups).

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