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Athlete of the Week November 6 – 12: Becky Lovin


Athlete of the Week November 6 – 12: Becky Lovin

1.  What is an interesting/fun fact about you?

I am the wife of my hubby Air Force SMSgt. Terry Lovin (also works for the CR School District) for 22 years. I am the mom of 17 year old son Mack (yes there is a real “MackLovin”) and 15 year old Ry.  I am an 11 year Air Force Veteran…call me “Lovin – SSgt. Lovin”. I got out of the Air Force because after 9/11 my husband and I were both tagged for deployment, and since my job was running with planes on Special Ops missions; I felt it was time to bow out so both of us weren’t being deployed away from the kids. I am a Black Belt in Taekwondo, I love Three-Toed Sloths, and my favorite Band is 30 Seconds to Mars.  I CROWD SURF all the time at concerts and I am legendary at getting close enough to touch an Artist…I have touched Jared Leto’s shoes (I have photo proof) both times I’ve seen them live. 😊

2.  What do you like the most about CrossFit Dover?

Seriously I like that I’ve met a lot of great people just like me. I don’t feel alone! We kind of forgot about ourselves in this thing called life and we realized it was time to remember to make ourselves a priority again. I totally embraced CF Dover and 35lbs later, I no longer have asthma, and I’m not at risk any longer for Diabetes and several of the serious life threatening health concerns I was facing. Can I just say one more thing? LP….my Super Buddy….Kudos. You motivate me and so many others by making working out fun and challenging. Everyone at Crossfit Dover is great and I’ve made some super great friends. It was exactly what I needed in a critical time in my life.

3.  Name one fitness goal you have.

This year my goal was to do one strict pull-up. Unfortunately I’ve had a significant neck injury that I’m working through. But see what I said? I’m working through it. At Crossfit Dover I’ve been able to take time off, or come back and continue at a modified level. I’m very grateful for that. My goal will not change…I’m actually adding to it! I look forward to being one of the fun motivators on my CrossFit Team, I’ll hope to get that strict pull-up in and I’m shooting for 15 double-unders unbroken! See! That’s what’s great…I’ve got sooo many ways to better myself!

Have a great Veteran’s Day everyone and God Bless America!


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