CrossFit Dover Athlete of the Week September 5-11: Sam Pronobis - CrossFit Dover

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Athlete of the Week September 5-11: Sam Pronobis

September 06, 2016


  1. What is an interesting/fun fact about you?

I was the original founder/ creator of the Shake Weight but surrendered my rights to another because I didn’t want to live a life of fortune and fame.   (Funny fib…or is it?!)

  1. What do you like the most about CrossFit Dover?

I love that every day is a new challenge and I never know what to expect. The unrivaled motivation and drive I receive before, during, and after a workout is unmatched…. It keeps me wanting more!

  1. Name one fitness goal you have.

First and foremost…. Bicep veins… Then to qualify for regionals within 1-3 years.


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