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Community Groups Coming to Two Gyms One Community

April 25, 2016

Why community group?

I believe that we were all created to live in community rather than living alone. Can you imagine living your life in entire isolation? It would suck, right? The purpose of our group WODs is to encourage, motivate, and support each other in become better. I’m sure we could all agree that doing fitness and doing life together is better than doing either alone. So with that being said, the objective of our community groups is to do life together and have fun while doing it. These community groups do not necessarily need to be fitness-based. Each group may have a total different direction but the same purpose. For example, two groups that I thought would draw some interest would be a community service group that would attend to areas such as the SPCA, and the first group we look to launch which is called Fun After the Run. Fun After the Run would be a beginners running group that would follow the Couch to 5k protocol. It will meet on either Saturday or Sunday mornings (day and time to be determined by participants) each week to complete the prescribed run and then hangout for some grub or coffee! If you’re interested in this group, or have an idea for a group, then please share. Sign up at either gym to meet us for our first group run on the weekend of May 7-8!

For more information in the Couch to 5k program, click here

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  1. George Dobbins Reply

    Leave a message here if you plan on joining in!

  2. George Dobbins Reply

    Please leave a message here if you plan on joining in!

  3. Leslie Pleasanton Reply

    Time to do my first 5k!! Who is with me?!!

  4. Gwen Clark Reply

    As much as I hate running, I need to do this. Maybe this will help me to enjoy running, so I’m in!

  5. Traci Perry Reply

    I would like to participate! 🙂

  6. Bernadette Reiling Reply

    I’m in…looking forward to conquering the run!

  7. Nikki dudley Reply


  8. Andrea Bush Reply

    Love the idea I’m in for the run

  9. Mark Girty Reply

    I’m in!!! Sign me up.

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