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Member Spotlight October 29 – November 11: Kelly Green


Member Spotlight October 29 – November 11: Kelly Green

  1. What is your favorite thing to do (other than workout at CrossFit

Shopping, Cooking, Interior Decorating, Traveling, CHRISTMAS!, Binge watch my favorite tv shows on Netflix

  1. If you are going to treat yourself, what is your favorite “cheat

I’m an All-American Girl and love a good ol’ Burger and Fries!

3. Where would go and what would you do on your dream vacation?
Bora Bora. I’d love to go deep-sea fishing, discover the incredible underwater world by scuba diving, and of course, eat and drink from the plentiful surrounding waters and coconut trees.

  1. If you could have any career, what would be your ideal job?

A cosmetologist. I grew up with my mom having a salon in the back of the house, and it truly was one of my favorite past times. Watching people come in, listening to the conversations (gossip) all while being transformed with a new cut/color/style on their way out always had me thinking I wanted to have the same fun job when I was older. I think someday I still might take that path…  

  1. What is your favorite CrossFit movement or workout?

Front Squats, and Annie… because, well,  Double-Unders are my Jam!

6. Anything else you’d like to share?

I grew up In Colorado with a love of outdoor activities, participating in a variety of sports, focusing mainly on Soccer. At 19, following High School I married an Airman. I first began CrossFit while living in England. In 2010, I helped run the 2010 United Kingdom CrossFit Games Sectional.  I was especially drawn to the sense of community and closeness of competitors that the sport had to offer, and was intrigued and ready to learn more. I followed the CrossFit site’s WODs with a group of friends on the Air Force base and would watch videos to learn how to perform the movements correctly.  In 2011, I moved back stateside and earned my Level 1 certification, as well as a Kettlebell certification, Adaptive Athlete Training and CrossFit Scaling course. Since then, I have traveled all over the country and visited a multitude of CrossFit gyms. Prior to Moving to Dover, I coached at 3 different affiliates, and now how have roughly 9 years of CrossFit Experience. I have to say, coaching and helping others attain their personal goals has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve experienced with this sport. I guess you could say I like CrossFit. Okay, LOVE it. It’s pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to me. When I’m not running my 2 kids around, cooking, cleaning, or living my best Mom life, I’m working out.

CrossFit Dover instantly made me feel like family, and has enhanced my ability to excel in this sport. I’m overwhelmed by the warm welcome and friendliness of each individual and impressed by the coaching staff. This gym is truly unique and I’m happy to be a part of the team!


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