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Member Spotlight Whole 30 Edition November 26 – December 9: Barbara Eng


Member Spotlight Whole 30 Edition November 26 – December 9: Barbara Eng

  1. Why did you decide to participate in the Whole 30 challenge?

I was trying to make a lifestyle change with my eating habits. I was doing Keto to help get my weight down, but I was leaning too heavily on dairy and didn’t like the way I was feeling. I remember loving the way I felt my first round of Whole 30, so I thought if I combined the concept of low carb, high healthy fat Keto, with the Whole 30 detox it would help me manage my weight in a more healthy way.

2. What was your go-to or favorite snack and meal during the challenge? I loved the Egg Roll in a Bowl or “Crack Slaw.” It was so delicious and didn’t feel like a typical “diet” meal. This round I tried to stay away from potatoes and fruit (to help with weight loss) so a treat on a rough day was almond butter and a banana or apple.

  1. What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

Stress. I was a huge stress eater (and drinker). With my schedule, I had to workout in the morning so I had to really work on my self control in the evening. I had to ask myself “Are you really hungry or are you just eating because you think it’ll make you feel better somehow?” Sticking to the Whole 30 as it was meant to be and not creating any “cheat” desserts with dates and such really helped me slay my sugar dragon and realize I do not NEED sugar. I found other ways to destress and unwind at the end of the day.

4. What was your biggest take-away from the Whole 30?

Vegetables, healthy fat, and meat can actually fill me up. I actually crave veggies now. I do not need to be hungry and I do not need carbs to fill me up. I also slayed my sugar dragon! I do not NEED fruit or something sweet.

5. Did you see any changes in your workout performance?
Yes, I’ve made huge gains across the board: finally getting kipping pull ups, competing on a scaled team in the finals at the affiliate, PRing a lot of lifts, and even my cardio (my weakness) felt like it was getting better.


  1. How has your diet changed now that the challenge is over?

Now, I am looking to maintain more than to lose more weight quickly so I am more lenient with letting myself have a sweet potato or fruit (does wine count as fruit? 😉 ). But, I committed to the lifestyle change so my meals still consist mainly of vegetables, meat, and healthy fat. I may stray a little on the weekends, but I just feel so much better, I would not want to go back to my unhealthy habits.


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