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Our Team

George Dobbins

  • George Dobbins - Owner

    National Personal Training Institute, 2003
    CrossFit Level 1, August 2006
    CrossFit Level 2, May 2008
    CrossFit Level 1 Running, September 2008
    CrossFit Gymnastic, March 2008
    CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, November 2009
    CrossFit Movement and Mobility, February 2011
    USAW Sports Performance, July 2012
    Precision Nutrition, 2015
    Coaching since August 2006

    I coach to enhance the lives and to empower people through physical fitness.

Rob Easton

  • Rob Easton

    Level 1: January 2012
    CrossFit Judge Course
    Coaching since Mar 2012
    CrossFit Level 2 – October 2016

    I Coach so that I may help others be better at who they are in hopes that what I do can move them toward a better quality of life.

    Coaching CrossFit has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done on my life. I enjoy seeing folks grow as not only athletes but as people as well. High fiving or hugging an athlete when they achieve a goal, PR, or just simply finish a kick ass WOD is a life high for me. Seeing folks develop into better people both physically and mentally at our box is my motivation.

    Away from CrossFit Dover I enjoy time with my family, time with some kickass friends and some manly activities like maybe a GoRuck, CMC, a little run, and an occasional "Robbery". I am married, with two boys, a dog, and a Rubber Chicken. I hold an MBA and currently am the Chief Financial Officer of the Modern Maturity Center in Dover.

Michael Scharmach

  • Michael Scharmach

    Level 1 April 2013
    Coaching since January 2013

    I coach to help others become fitter and stronger

    I enjoy coaching because a great coach, George Dobbins, changed my life for the best two and a half years ago. I want to give back to others and try to help others change their lives like mine was changed a few years ago. I love telling people about Crossfit and getting them to try it! It's for everyone!

    The gym is my second home so I spend a lot of time there...but when I'm not I like to be with friends and family. I love the beach!

Jeri Sheats

  • Jeri Sheats

    Level 1, November 2012
    Coaching since December 2012

    I coach because I love helping others become the best version of themselves and to give back part of what CrossFit has given me.

Andrea McCready

  • Andrea McCready

    Level 1, August 2013
    Coaching since September 2013.

    I coach because I enjoy seeing people begin to believe in themselves and do things they thought they were incapable of doing. The confidence that they obtain from reaching goals they thought at one time were unattainable is so rewarding.

Brandon Bishop

  • Brandon Bishop

    Crossfit L1 March 2014
    Coaching with CFD since April 2014
    Personal training since 2008

    I coach because I love introducing people to the crossfit methodology, which I believe is THE most effective strength and conditioning program for any goal, for any person, of any age!


  • Leslie Pleasanton

    Level 1, May 2015
    Coaching since May 2015

    I coach not only to expand my knowledge of the sport but to encourage athletes to push past their expectations and develop their own strength and drive.


  • Jon Sadlowski

    Level 1, August 2014
    Coaching since September 2014 USAW Sports Performance May 2014

    I coach because it is a privilege to be able to help others achieve their goals and expectations that they have for themselves.


  • Cristina Colon and Anoma Newman – Yoga

    Cristina and Anoma are the co-founders of Tula Yoga in Dover. They are both 200-hour RYT trained under Susan Smith’s One Yoga YTT.