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Crossfit Dover is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, athletes, and teams to reach elite levels of fitness through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.

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Designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. This program is geared toward this special population and specific developmental needs for the population.

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More Muscle


The More Muscle program will include squatting, deadlifting, pressing, snatching, and cleaning in addition to isolated movements. A big part of the program is the emphasis on hypertrophy – the gain of lean muscle tissue.

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Private Customized Training


The time to step it up is now! If you're tired of subpar results and you're ready to make some real changes, then let our professional team help! Allow us to get you where you want to go while maximizing your time.

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Nutritional Coaching


This is not your typical "here is your food plan" strategy. Our approach to your nutritional needs involves educating you on why, what, and how to eat in order to make physique changes and meet energy demands.

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Basic Training


The Basic Training program is a 4-week introduction to our Crossfit Program. This is a 12 session course that will break down all the essential movements during each session. The course is an incremental process where each session increases in intensity and complexity of movements.

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MoYo is an innovative approach to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance. MoYo combines fundamental Crossfit mobility techniques with deep yoga stretching to increase range of motion, mobilize joints, and lengthen tight muscles.

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Unloaded is CrossFit without the heavy barbells or technical lifting. The Unloaded classes are programmed using the same principles of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement as the traditional CrossFit classes.

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